Program Components

* Mobile Program Sessions

Meetings take place where the teens are on weekdays and weekends to meet and accomodate our teens need. All sessions are youth led and youth driven. Topic sessions are chosen by teens and frequently include guest speakers on topics such as personal finance, decision making, environmental awareness, creating healthy lifestyles, career awareness, conflict resolution, teen sexuality and any other issues that pique their interest.


* Solutions Theater

TIC's Theater Project is part of its leadership component that has been in existence since 1995 that started out as an opportunity in allowing youth participants to display their talents at its annual banquet. Youth participants used their God given talents by creating a form of art that spoke on social change through theatrical performances. After the first annual banquet, youth participants of Teenagers In Charge decided that this should be a program because they have co-written, produced skits and plays on real life issues. Youth participants display their talents through drama, poetry, song, movement and dance.


The two-hour workshop sessions are for teens who are interested in learning how to re-direct their energy in a positive way. The sessions are very interactive and fun! Teens who are serious about wanting to make a change in their life may benefit from these sessions. Workshop sessions include but are not limited to conflict resolution, anger management, domestic violence, drug intervention and prevention while also having the opportunity to learn about Theater 101.


* Trips

The field trips allow youth to attend local and out of state museums, concerts, themed parks, plays, etc. that youth otherwise may not have the opportunity to visit. Trips are coordinated by youth participants and often times sponsored by corporate, individual or private donor.


* Community Outreach and Service

TIC endeavors to make a difference in the community by participating in local projects. Our signature events are TIC's Annual Breakfast with Santa in collaboration with Drexel University, Toiletries for Homeless Teens, Sneakers and Socks Drive for Homeless Youth and a host of other local service projects. All community service projects are coordinated by TIC youth participants.


* Youth As Leaders

TIC has a youth advisory board that meet once a month to set the agenda and put into action what the organization needs. Members of this group meet with other youth organizations for training, proposal writing and partnering on service projects. All youth are invited to participate in the center's Advisory Board Meetings held once a month.


* Parent Training

TIC hosts a minimum of three (3) Parent Training throughout the year. This is put into place so that parents are actively engaged with their teens and they learn how to support them. It is important for them to learn how to keep an open line of  communication!


Special Note:

TIC recognizes the importance of volunteerism and thus hosts an annual year- end event. Participating youth receive certificates, gift cards and plaques while graduating seniors are awarded an academic scholarship and/or book scholarship to the school they plan to attend.

To learn about how to become volunteer, call us at (848) 466-8878


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