Message From the Executive Director and Founder
Judith Dumorney-McDaniel


Today, we celebrate twenty four years of service! The organization has grown through leaps and bounds as it is truly a blessing to see all of the youth who participated in the program finish high school, pursue post-secondary education, obtain advanced degrees and some have gone into the field of social services. They are truly all effective leaders in their own right! What an exciting time for us all to witness the progress of those who were a part of the program and those who paved the way.


As we move foward and prepare for the next phase, TIC's Board of Directors have decided to move the organization in a new direction. We want to be deliberate on including  innovative and creative leadership programs that specifically target those youth who live in foster care and homeless shelters! We are also very excited about teaching youth how to be more involved in doing outreach on a global level! Please stay tuned and in touch with us to help us spread the word. We want to contine to be around for another twenty plus years and beyond but simply cannot do it without YOU!


In the interim, TIC will continue to do its signature projects and ongoing community outreach this year.  Additionally,  identifying new partners to join our team is key. With that said, as with most nonprofits, it is important for us to continue with our ongoing fundraising efforts so please consider making a tax-deductable donation today.


Each one, teach one...Let's show our youth how it's done. I have already passed the torch to my daughter, Jala Makeda McDaniel, a teenager and active youth participant in the program today. She along with her peers will take lead in facilitating and operating other TIC chapters in future years to come as we preserve the legacy for the future generation. To God be the Glory!


Judith Dumorney-McDaniel, MBA

Executive Director and Founder

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